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What is Research

Research can improve people’s health and provide an alternative option to treatment for those seeking something new or cutting edge.  Research studies helps doctors and scientists better understand, prevent, and treat diseases with the newly developed investigational medications.  By participating in a research study, you as a participant contribute to provide valuable data to scientists in order to find out if a medication works, how effective it is and if they are safe to use with minimal side effects.  Based on the data collected if the medication works, eventually it’s approved by the FDA for physicians to prescribe in the future for that specific condition.


Why volunteer in a research study?

As a volunteer you can:

  • Benefit society by helping researchers find better treatments for you and others in the future
  • Help researchers discover better ways to fight diseases
  • Help researchers find out if people process medicines in different ways
  • Gain access to new research treatments before they are widely available