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Proyecto: Mente Fuerte

Have you recently been feeling down, sad, or not like yourself?

Are you interested in strengthening your mental well-being?

If YES, consider participating in our project!

The CALMA Lab at UCLA is looking for Latino/a adults who want to learn more about metal well-being to participate in a research study. As a participant, you will receive a short book about depression and ways to help improve mental well-being. You will fill out some questionnaires about yourself before and after reading the book (in person) and 3 months later (in person or online). Study visits may take place in your home, at UCLA, or in some cases at your school. You will receive up to $30 for your participation in this study, and the total time commitment is approximately 4 hours.

For more information or to see if you’re eligible to participate in the study Click here to request information.