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  • Sun Valley Research Center, Inc. would like to remind you that you are not alone, and your mental health needs are number one at all times and you should continue to seek out any services and/or treatment that you may need even during this time.

    We understand COVID-19 has created a situation for many that has affected their mental health, some changes that may have occurred are: having to deal with a potential change in job, hours or position or being laid off, going from working at a business or office to working remotely from home, having to stay at home due to the kids being at home and attending school remotely or maybe your job has not been able to re-open yet?  All of these different situations have caused many people to have additional stress and anxiety as well as dealing with uncertainty now and in the future.

    Reach out to your physician or provider to find out what type of services they offer that may work for you during this time.  If you do not have anywhere specific you go to, many clinics and physicians in Imperial County are providing remote telephone calls or remote telemedicine/telepsychiatry calls/visits and some might still be offering in person visits at their offices.  Our research center and our sister office Dr. Ng’s private practice, Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center, Inc. are following all the strict CDC guidelines to ensure we keep all patients and staff safe during this time and are spreading out in person patient appointments.

    A few tips that can help is to ensure you are exercising on a regular basis and getting a good night’s sleep and Try to have a routine throughout the day.  Minimize your news feeds and try to reduce what you are viewing on social media, watching on TV or listening to on the radio that could cause an increase in your anxiety or make you feel more stressed out. Keep in contact with family and friends, even though we are social distancing ourselves, call or text your family or friends or face time with them every so often.  Minimize your alcohol and drug use, avoid both as a way to deal with your anxiety, isolation or depression.  All of these tips can make a huge impact on your emotional and mental health needs during this time.

    A Few local Imperial County resources to look into:

    Sun Valley Research Center, Inc.-Call us, email us or send us a message to find out if you qualify for one of our studies. Email: svrcinfo@sunvalleyb.com

    Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center, Inc.-Check out their website and call for an appointment, Telephone 760-355-0161 or visit their website: www.sunvalleyb.com

    Imperial County Behavioral Health Serviceshttps://bhs.imperialcounty.org/

    Nami San Diego & Imperial Countyhttps://namisandiego.org/about/our-mission/

    You Tube Page: Sun Valley Research Center, Inc.