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  • Jessica Barrios

    Jessica Barrios

    SVRC Intern 

    SVRC Intern

    Jessica Barrios is one of our newest interns and will be responsible for pre-screening and identifying participants for our current studies from our internal database, incoming referrals from social media ads, incoming referrals from the community and central recruitment campaigns. She is also assisting with administrative day to day research tasks and working with the study coordinators, research assistant and director of research to assist with anything they need. Jessica has been trained on and assist with collecting blood samples from our subjects, processing blood and urine specimen for our studies and assists with vital sign, height and weight, blood pressure and EKG collection. She started out with us in Mid-January 2021 as an intern who volunteers a few days/hours a week.
    Jessica has no clinical research experience, but she is a certified phlebotomist who completed a phlebotomy course through Central Union Adult School in August 2020 and received CPR and First Aid training.
    Jessica currently works part time for In Home Support Services where she provides personal care and helps with household tasks, transportation, protective supervision, and certain paramedical services
    ordered by a physician. Jessica graduated with her High School Diploma from Southwest High School in June 2020. Jessica is fluent (Speak, read and write) in Spanish and in high school she was a community health worker which promoted and advocated for health issues in the Imperial Valley community. She believes in giving back to the community and helping others. 


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