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  • Aksel Narvaez

    Aksel Narvaez
    DNP, FNP-C 

    Aksel Narvaez, DNP, FNP-C is a bilingual healthcare professional with 5 years of experience in emergency care as a registered nurse. He graduated from the University of San Diego Family Nurse Practitioner program with a Doctorate in Nursing Practice (DNP) in May 2021. He currently works as a family nurse practitioner at Sun Valley Behavioral Medical Center and a Sub-Investigator for Sun Valley Research Center and continues to work as a registered nurse at a few local hospitals in Imperial County.
    As a sub-investigator, Aksel is responsible for performing all delegated investigator duties such as assisting with identifying potential participants for all studies, assisting in the informed consent process, reviewing medical history and current medications, confirming inclusion and exclusion criteria, performing physical and neurological exams, reviewing lab, EKG, MRI and PET scan results, performing infusions, and administering rater assessments and many other study-specific procedures.