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  • Academic & Professional Opportunities

    Always looking for talent!

    Sun Valley Research Center is always looking for staff throughout the year, We are looking for interested people to fill the following roles within our research center:

    Sub Investigators (MD’s, DO’s, FNP’s, Psych FNP’s, PA’s, LMFT’s, PhD’s) | Full Time, Part Time or Per Diem/Contracted
    Raters/Psychometricians (MD’s, DO’s, FNP’s, Psych FNP’s, PA’s, LMFT’s, PhD’s, LCSW’s, Bachelor and Master’s Degree Background) | Full Time, Part Time or Per Diem/Contracted
    Clinical Research Education/Community Educator (various backgrounds) | Part Time or Full Time
    Research Assistants (various backgrounds) | Part-Time or Full Time
    Pre-screeners/Recruiters (various backgrounds) | Part-Time or Full Time
    Phlebotomists (various backgrounds) | Part-Time or Per Diem

    To explore opportunities with us, simply send an email to svrcinfo@sunvalleyb.com and attach your resume.

    Academic & Professional Opportunities

    What is Latinos In Clinical Research? We are creating a dynamic resource for Latinos and others and are continuously expanding our network of vendors, sponsors, CROs, and sites looking to increase Latino participation in the research industry while simultaneously expanding our service offerings to the communities we serve.

    The only clinical research academy that provides practical, real industry experience for future clinical research coordinators, associates, and dozens of other positions.

    We at The University Of Clinical Research have made it our purpose to be more welcoming of new stakeholders entering our research community

    A CRC or clinical research coordinator, is the backbone of every clinical trial. CRCs are the primary point of contact in a study with trial participants.

    The Clinical Research Payment Network (CRPN) offers a financial solution that translates clinical research environments into business practices that are routinely accepted by the healthcare industry.